Premium Range 2T Stand-on Pallet Truck

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Premium Range 2T Stand-on Pallet Truck

With integrated ZF transmission system and integrated welded forks, the premium range 2T stand-on pallet truck is more reliable and provides high rigidity and long service life. And the butterfly drive controller is easy for operation. The compacted chassis design meets the requirement of limited operating space. The powerful AC traction motor of the machine is controlled by Curtis control system. MOSEFET high frequency control, Germany WICKE wheel and unique design of steering pivot are also adopted in the truck. The shock absorber is in standard specification.

Ergonomic design is employed in this premium range 2T stand-on pallet truck. For example, tiller is designed for the maximum effect of comfortable operation. Besides, dual lift/lower button controls allow operation by each hand. In addition, the standard conductor belt and the creep speed control button is also available. The battery discharge indicator with lifting interrupt will inform the operator when there is only 20% battery level.

The IP54 environment sealing protects the inside components. All components are easy to be accessed when the back cover is opened. All the components of the vehicle, such as Poly drive wheel, load wheels; AC motor, control system, emergency cut off switch, combined hydraulic unit, LED panel and big capacity battery are in standard specifications.

Electric Pallet Truck
Wheelbase type Single Load Wheels (Long Wheelbase) Tandem Load Wheels (Short Wheelbase)
Power Electric Electric
Operator type Pededtrian/Platform
Rated capacity kg 2000 2000
Load center mm 587 586
Overall width of Truck mm 712 712
Length of the face of forks mm 671 671
Forks, L x W x T mm 1173x170x64 1171x170x64
Turning radius mm 1619/2057 1572/2010