Electric Pallet Truck 2000kg (Double Pallet)

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Electric Pallet Truck 2000kg (Double Pallet)

1. The innovative AC system of electric pallet truck offers strong power, accurate control, and excellent performance.
2. High strength vertical gearbox, long working lift.
3. Low-noise but durable hydraulic unit, good quality cylinder as well as hose ensure the high reliability of hydraulic system.
4. AMP connector electric wires and cables can greatly reduce electric parts failure rate.
5. H sharp channel mast improves the strength of the whole truck.

1. Safe hydraulic system prevents mast from falling down abruptly when hydraulic pipeline cuts off.
2. Emergency reverse belly button protects the operator from getting hurt.
3. Emergency switch will cut off power source to avoid accident when truck goes out of control.
4. Multiple lifting limit protection ensures safety.
5. Automatic switch can lower speed when the fork reaches its setting height.
6. Anti-rolling back brake keeps the electric pallet truck from skidding down when it is out of control or traveling on ramp.

1. With the new design of ergonomic tiller head, all buttons can be reached conveniently and comfortably.
2. Dual pallets lifting doubles working efficiency.
3. Creep speed function: When handle near vertical position, the driving speed will decrease automatically, allowing delicate operation in confined space.
4. Long tiller decreases the operation force greatly and makes operation much easier.
5. Bias operation, greater view.

1. The electric pallet truck is equipped with AC traction motor which is maintenance free.
2. Hour meter and battery indicator remind the operator of battery charging
3. This electric pallet truck can easily remove the back cover by only loosing two bolts, and it can access to all key components for inspection, maintenance and replacement.
4. Easy access for battery maintenance.
5. Vertical motor makes the inspection and service much more convenient.
6. Mast and chassis are assembled at powered pallet truck together, which are easier for maintenance.
7. Low voltage cut off setting protects batteries.