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Reach Truck

Hangcha J Series reach truck can be provided with sit-on or stand-on operation mode. It comes with a load capacity of 1.2-2.0t for the sit-on type, and 1.5-2.0t for the stand-on type. Additionally, it not only enjoys excellent performance, but also has economical price. Now, the truck can be used in confined places or occasions where heavy loads are to be loaded to high lifting height.

According to customers' requirements, the J Series reach truck with seat is available in both AC and DC systems. It adopts CURTIS multi-function instrument and multi-display monitor, allowing for optimum working performance. The operator's compartment utilizes the state-of-the-art design, and incorporates easily accessible hydraulic control, lighting system, steering, horn, and handbrake.

This truck has three independent braking systems. It also uses the fully programmable hydraulic system, as well as the simple linear potentiometers. Due to the wide-view mast, the operator's vision is greatly improved. In addition, the cover of the drive and electronics can be opened for quick and easy maintenance. This provides easy access to the major components, such as motor, drive gearbox, pump, brake and steering.

Hangcha is a specialized J Series reach truck manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to warehouse truck, we also offer side loading forklift, counterbalance electric forklift, lifting platform, container handler, and much more.

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