Electric Stacker with Double Pallet (800kg, 1000kg, 1200kg)

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Electric Stacker with Double Pallet (800kg, 1000kg, 1200kg)

1. The innovative AC system of electric stacker offers quick response, accurate control, impact structure, excellent performance, longer battery service life.
2. World-class hydraulic power pack, with low noise, few vibration and excellent leak tightness, automatically adjusts the rate of decline whether loaded or unloaded, and ensures smooth lifting.
3. The latest AC controller, high reliability, with regenerated braking, anti-roll back and adjustable settings, ensures the best performance in the different states.
4. American AMP connectors with top quality prevent moisture and contaminants from interrupting truck operation in all environments, plus all the wires and cables reliably protected and fixed, they can greatly reduce the electrical error.
5. Sideway battery is designed for easy battery replacement.
6. Explosion-proof valve installed under lifting cylinder, which can prevent the mast go down quickly if the oil pipe broken.
7. Anti-roll back available as standard to prevent uncontrolled travel speed or roll-back on ramps when the electric stacker is loading and unloading.
8. Easy-touch emergency plug mounted at up-right side on truck frame help operator take immediate action for any emergent happens
9. The electric pallet lift stacker switches to low speed mode automatically when lifting higher than 0.5m, more secure.
10. The electric stacker can handle two pallets at one time, shorten the working hours and improve the efficiency greatly.