Mini Pedestrian Electric Pallet Truck

Mini Pedestrian Electric Pallet Truck

Tiller Arm Controls
Travel, lift, and lower functions are located in the ergonomic operator handle. All operator controls are accessible without having to lift the hand from the handle.
Angle grips of mini electric pallet truck are designed to allow easy operation with either hand. Wrap around guard, reversing switch, thumb control, and horn are standard. Low mounted tiller arm offers excellent operator comfort and minimum steering effort. Gas assisted spring tiller handle gently returns to vertical position when released.
Crawl speed function with steer handle at 15°back-tilt from vertical allows for ease of use in tight areas.

Electrical System
Electric braking, quick disconnect EPD power cut off, key switch and battery discharge indicator are standard equipment.

Hydraulic System
Lift cylinder of pedestrian pallet has hard chrome plated rods. Pump unit including motor, solenoid, gear pump, and pressure compensated lowering valve are mounted high in the power compartment for ease of service.

Drive Unit
Vertically mounted AC drive motor is direct mounted to gear housing. Oil bathed hypoid bevel gear drive train with tapered roller bearings transfers power to axle.
State of the art optimized gear technology supplies advantages such as minimal envelope circle, zero maintenance, low noise level, high efficiency and high performance.
Electromagnetic brake of mini electric pallet truck is mounted on motor armature shaft multiplying. Brake is applied when control arm is in the vertical or horizontal handle position. System features anti-roll back and neutral braking.

Water resistant removal three piece power head cover exposes major components and maintenance free AGM batteries for inspection and maintenance.